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Set Up Your Dream Office in Your Garage

Updated: Jul 7

Whether you work from home part of the time or you’re running a home-based business, you may be considering setting up your workspace apart from the rest of the house in order to enjoy more calm and privacy. Your existing garage can be a great place to spend your workday, but you may have to modify the space in order to make it comfortable year-round. So here’s some advice to turn your garage into your dream office:

Improve Insulation

A drafty garage will be too cold during the winter months and too hot in the summer for you to work comfortably in it. Adding a layer of drywall over a frame filled with insulation (fiberglass, cellulose, spray foam, or rigid foam, depending on your needs and budget) will help further protect the space from the elements. And if you want your office space to look more polished and professional, especially if you’re planning on having clients over, consider adding wallpaper that will make a bold statement. New peel and stick options let you be as creative as you want in terms of decor, and they are easy to install and remove. If you’re looking to add a touch of elegance to your walls, choose grasscloth wallpaper for your home, printed with a sophisticated design on a rich, tactile texture.

Enhance Lighting

Chances are your garage as-is won’t have adequate lighting for any type of office work. Even if your garage door has windows, the natural light they provide probably won’t be enough. And the shop lights you’ve been using to work on your tool bench and on your bicycles are just not designed to properly light a computer desk. Additionally, the constant absence of natural light during your working hours may make it difficult to concentrate, stay focused on your tasks, and can even take a toll on your overall happiness. In order to properly light your new office space, you may need to consult with a professional electrician and come up with a plan to add more outlets to your garage (which you may also need to operate your office equipment such as your computer and printer). Upgrade your illumination by using LED fixtures to replace your fluorescent ones: You’ll save money as they’re more energy-efficient, and they can be brightened or dimmed to better suit your needs.

Add a Bathroom

Adding a bathroom to your garage can add value to your property. And if you spend many hours working there, you may find it convenient to have your own bathroom separate from the main house. Additionally, if you have clients coming to your home office, a dedicated bathroom will make your business look more professional. But make sure to consult with a plumberbefore you try to DIY your new bathroom addition. Installing water and drainage pipes is better left to a professional, and a contractor can also help you pull out and secure the permits you need in order to go ahead with your home improvements. Remember that you’ll need to install a ventilation system as well to avoid issues brought on by mold and mildew, especially if there are no windows in your garage.

Converting a garage into an office is a great idea if you wish to reclaim your house for your family while still being able to do business from home. But you may have to make some improvements in order to turn it into a comfortable workspace. So make sure you talk to professionals in your area to come up with the best solutions that will both add value to your home and allow your business to grow.

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