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OVE Smart Toilet Installation

Ok, so.... I don't know about you guys, but I have always been curious about smart toilets! Some people think they're a slightly over the top when it comes to how luxurious this Smart toilet is hahaha. In the following video and blog you will get to see how to install the OVE Smart Toilet and get a sneak peak at all the extra luxury this toilet has to offer.

The OVE Smart Toilet literally HAS IT ALL! The seat is heated, The colorful lights make it easy to see without turning on the bathroom lights at night, and it even comes equipped with a bidet. For those of you that may not know what a bidet is, a bidet is a fountain like spray with 3 to 5 different water pressures that will easily clean you without the use of toilet paper! That's right I just said WITHOUT toilet paper. This smart Toilet is even self cleaning , and some models even have a waterless tank and waterless flush!

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