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6 Home Repairs That Call For A Pro

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

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6 Home Repairs That Call for a Professional


Thanks to a plethora of resources on the web, there are more DIYers than ever before. True, learning new skills and saving money as you tackle your own home repairs can be fulfilling. But trying to do some projects yourself can end up wasting your time, putting you in danger, and costing you more money in the long run. Below, Gen X Plumbing shares six home repairs that you should hire a professional for.


Opting for ROI    


Before diving into a home repair, take a look at your home and Family Handyman suggests considering any changes you could make to boost its value. This is especially important if you have any plans of selling in the foreseeable future. Research what buyers are looking for and document your projects through receipts and photos so that you can substantiate the modifications and repairs you have made.


While conducting this research, it is a good time to look at the latest refinance mortgage information. There are a number of factors that can determine whether it’s worthwhile to refinance your home loan, including current interest rates, your credit score, your loan type, and many others. If it’s been a couple of years since you last investigated, you may be able to save yourself some money by refinancing or even get cash out of your home’s equity for projects.


1. Electrical Wiring


Changing out a light fixture can be simple enough. When there are only a couple of wires to deal with, you should be able to put in a fixture with ease, provided you know how to turn off your breaker box!


But if your home has major electrical issues and needs to be completely rewired, Plugged In Electrical notes that is definitely something you want a professional to handle. Not only will it be done faster, but an electrician knows how to rewire a home safely and meet best practices.


2. Roof Replacements


No one needs to tell you how important the roof is to your home. If you have a minor leak, you might be able to find some DIY guidance online to point you in the right direction for resolving it.


However, if you need a structural roof repair or replacement, call a roofer out to your home as soon as you can. Finding a reputable pro is easy; simply Google “best roofers near me” to find local professionals to handle it. A professional will be able to assess the full extent of damage and know what is needed to restore your roof's structural and aesthetic integrity.


Much potential roof damage can be forestalled by having your gutters regularly cleaned. Though you may be inclined to handle it yourself, high ladder work can be quite dangerous for the inexperienced. Save yourself the trouble and hire the experts.


3. Severe Plumbing Issues    


Changing a faucet is one thing; dealing with leaking pipes or a flooded floor is entirely different. Find a local plumber like the pros at Gen X Plumbing you can call if you ever have a severe plumbing problem. Trying to perform a plumbing repair you have never done before can put you in a much worse situation than when you started.


4. Large Format Flooring


These days, there are many self-adhesive tile and plank flooring options that you can install DIY. But not all flooring makes for an easy weekend project.


Get a pro in there if you want to install wall-to-wall carpeting or sheet vinyl flooring! Not only are these large-format materials hard to source, but they are also hard to transport, roll out, and trim.


5. Demolition


We all like the home improvement shows where the DIYers take a sledgehammer to a wall or kitchen island. Sure, doing that is a lot of fun and can relieve stress like few other things. But if you want to demo a whole room, don't try it without professionals.


Pros can get the job done quickly and take care of all the debrisafterward. They can spot load-bearing walls, where pipes and wiring are located, and other elements that require extreme caution when conducting demolition.


6. Water Heater Replacement    


Many communities require an individual to have a permit before putting in a new water heater. But even if you live somewhere without that requirement, understand that water heaters are heavy and awkward, and they are not the safest pieces of equipment to install. You have to connect a water heater to your electricity or a natural gas line, and you don't want to get into that type of job yourself.


There is no denying that taking on DIY projects can be fun and fulfilling. But sometimes, it's critical to call a professional to fix a problem. If you run across any of the issues above, don't hesitate to invest in professional services so that you can stay safe, conserve your energy, and save money in the long run.


In need of a full-service plumber and drain cleaner in Tennessee? Give the pros at Gen X Plumbing a call or text at (931) 313-5194!

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